Some things never change

So I just got back from my annual Turkey-Day trip to Texas - my home country. What you see in the picture above is the yurt that I grew up in. Pretty small eh? It somehow seemed bigger back then...

Oh well, it was a fun trip full of relatives and good food. My father, as always, was in charge of the turkey dinner and didn’t fail to impress. It was a world-class meal that left me beyond full, and the leftovers lasted for days. It was good to see everyone again, especially because it seems like we only get together once or twice a year.

Had an interesting night at the local bar there, where I ran into someone I knew way back in intermediate school. It was a little odd, as he was able to remember things about back then that I would never have remembered. In fact, it was very odd because he still had all the old yearbooks, and other junk that (I think) most people tend to shed as junk over the years. I mean, intermediate school? Really? Maybe I’m in the minority, but I don’t think a lot about those years.

Anyways, to sum it up: Great time, good TexMex food, fun bars, and plenty of relaxation. Can’t complain about that! I’m certainly looking forward to the next time around.

Oh ya, and I finally passed Divemaster class! YAY!!!