Jul 2008

TMI? Naw...

Pasted Graphic 10

My Super-Badass Log Pages!

Over the course of several classes, folks have been asking where I got my log pages. See, these are a LOT better than the usual PADI or NAUI standard log pages you’ll find at your LDS. Some might think its too much information, but I believe you can never have too much info!

So where did these pages come from? Well, I sat down and made them. It was a time-consuming project but the end result was worth it. The original idea came from ReefMongoose on ScubaBoard. He had a pretty nice looking page he was designing, but I needed to make a number of modifications. So I ended up just redoing the whole thing using ZeusDraw on my Mac.

That being said, here it is! Its a PDF that you have to print on both sides, and then cut in the middle to fit in your typical logbook. Enjoy!

Click HERE to download