It Can't Always Be a Party...

This weekend was all about DM skills attempts. On Saturday it was the pool, and Sunday was the quarry. I have to be honest here. Some of these skills looked pretty simple in theory, but in practice became something else.

They are in fact very stressful, and difficult. Add to that the fact that I’m grossly overweight and out of shape, and I smoke like a chimney. I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised at my performance this weekend. Lets see how I did:

50 Yard Tired Swimmer Tow: PASSED (barely)
Buddy-Breathing No-Mask Ascent: PASSED (big deal..)
Skin-dive Ditch & Don: FAIL
SCUBA Gear Exchange: FAIL
25 Yard Underwater Swim: FAIL
440 Yard Timed Swim: are you kidding??
880 Yard Swim: ya right...

So in a nutshell, this past weekend sucked! My plan? Well, its like this:

•I quit smoking on Sunday night.
•I’m running up 16 stories worth of stairs every day.
•I’m going to start riding 5 miles a day
•Wednesday is pool-day.
•I may throw tennis into the mix too.

I just HAVE to get in better shape so I don’t die, and I can pass this crazy class damn it! NO SURRENDER!