Device of Torture and Frustration

The Thing I Hate Most

I just need to take this moment to vent my spleen about this evil hateful device. For some ungodly reason, most of the certification agencies require students and professionals to wear a snorkel during class. I know, the purpose of having the snorkel in class is to aid the diver during long surface swims, but we train in a quarry! All I’m saying is that the rules should be more flexible!

I was assisting in the quarry this past weekend and I can truthfully say that this one low-tech device frustrated me more than I ever though anything could!

How doth it annoy me, let me count the ways:

1.When I reach for my inflator hose, I ALWAYS grab the mouthpiece of my snorkel first. It never fails. There is no place I can hang it on my left side where it doesn’t get in the way!
2.When wearing it with a hood, it is constantly being pushed forward and acts as a lever to pull the mask off my face.
3.When wearing it on the right, it interferes with my regulator hoses and I actually caught the damn thing twisting upside down like a propeller!

On the last dive, I had my mask off at the surface and was in the process of adjusting the snorkel clip, when it slipped from my fingers and fell down below me into the deep dark.

There goes $35 down the drain. I did not cry.